November 2020

November 2020

Hello, this is the November update to our rally scene.

As I write this we hear of another lock down period.

This report should have been for our 6th Annual Rally, at Patrick Edwards auction fields, in Langley Lane Clanfield OX18 2RZ.
Yes this was a big move to this new ground in 2019.

We should have had the rally over 3 days, 23rd/24th Bank Holiday Mon 25th May 2020. But as we found out in April this was all cancelled as the virus thing took hold.

The rally committees are sorting out a way forward, we know events will change and we are watching to see how events pan out.

We are looking at January, as a result of this next period of lock down swings in.

As I said last time, keep your exhibits turning, and I’m sure there are jobs that need to be done. So enjoy your exhibit and we will see how 2021 works out.

Pictures are being posted as the Picture Gallery by Margaret on our Facebook page at the end of every month. Keep watching as we have 5 years of pictures for your entertainment during this period of lock down.

For MEMBERS reading this I’m sorting out with the insurers the way forward.

Your membership will continue into 2021. I will be issuing membership cards during February and more details for you.

There we go that’s all for now, another update in January 2021 for you all.

Please all stay safe and take care.

Or by phone; 01993843221. (Please leave message.)

If you want to contact me please text. 0782574055, then we can talk over any finer points

Ray, Chairman, LCC.


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