June 2022

June 2022

Hi folks, that time again for our 2022 Rally round up.

We have made a lot of changes to our rally field for the 2022 Rally, being our second one on this site.

The Rally address is in Langley Lane, Clanfield, Oxon. OX18 2RZ

The decision was made to move forward to April 30th/ 1st /2nd of May, because our usual weekend would coincide with the Jubilee Celebrations.

This also gave us the use of this big field for 3 days bank holiday weekend in May.
The bigger field gave us space for a mini ring. Fun Dog Show, Britannia Majorettes, Ukulele players and Highworth Silver Band and a main ring for the parade of Tractors, Cars, Commercials and Motor Bikes.

We had Tony an announcer for the main ring PA on all the 3 days.

Andrew organized the mini ring events and the PA also PA for the Beer Tent in the evenings.

A first time for the Rally, All Weekend Campingwas available on the rally field (forms on the web site) for the whole weekend. Friday night thru to Monday night, with free entry to rally with wrist bands.

I sent out 420 entries, (December 21), to everybody I could find on our lists, received 340 names entered for the rally. then there was multiple exhibits one entry was 17 Motor Cycle, lots of 3-4-5 Oil Engines, same as Tractors some driven in on the day, there 135 Cars booked in over the weekend with 70-80 Saturday and Sunday with 68 booked in on Monday.

Together with our usual 2 Miniature Streamers, other were invited, there was a total of 12 all together to include a 6ins scale model and baler brought along by Jeff Shackle. This many Miniature Steamers was a first for us.

Margaret was posting the stalls/ trade/boot forms/camping slots out as fast as they were received.

Pictures are on hold as the system is having problems, transferring to the hard drive.
These will be available on the usual sites we have running.

Our WEB PAGE, is www.lechladecollectorsclub.co.uk

In that you will find pages of info and entry forms, also a gallery of 2019’s Rally pictures,
2022 Rally pictures on the next update, sorry about that.

Rally Picture Gallery will be on Face Book, new batch at the end of each month.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big big thank you to Patrick for letting us use his Field, to those who helped erect and dismantle the Marquees (6 in total)Exhibitors, Stall Holders, Crafters, Marshalls, Helpers, along with anyone else we have missed out. Thank you all very much once again.


Use this to post your application forms, for Entries / Stalls /Camping/Craft Tent and Boots.

They must be sent hard copy and signed.

Your entry and of others exhibiting keep Rally’s going. No entry no Rally for the public to enjoy.

I will be up dating my Chairman’s chat page as we progress during the year.

Also any messages to us will be via; info@lechladecollectorsclub.co.uk this will go to the e-mail address, or you can come from web page to us.
Our phone number is 01993 843221, (leave message), Margaret will be dealing with those.

(If you want Insurance for £5,000,000. Thru the N.F.U. Then I can help you; join, for £8-50, Payable to Lechlade Collectors Club, or LCC.

Ray Chairman.


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