January 2020

January 2020


Hi folks, that time again for 2020 rally, the season up on us.

We have made a lot of changes to our rally for the 2020 season. being our second Rally on this site.

The Rally address is in Langley Lane, Clanfield, Oxon. OX18 2RZ

The 23rd-24th-25th of May. 2020

It is the big field from the auction field down to the Standard tractor by the A4095 road, 12 acres I’m told. This has allowed us the  3 day bank holiday weekend of May.2020 After many years of not having a ring, we have space for a mini ring for a Fun Dog Show by the Blue Cross and SN Dogs from Swindon, Brittania Majorettes, Morris and Public Dancing demonstration, Great Western Youth Band, Highworth Silver Band and a big ring for parades.

We are engaging an announcer for the main ring PA on the 3 days.

The auction field will be the Public parking field; (use gate 1) we are organizing this field to include Public Overnight Camping and Caravan area. £10.00 per night to include fee entry to the Rally (forms on the web site) somewhere to stay for the weekend. Friday night thru to Monday night in to Tuesday 10 am.

With access from camping field to rally field, all overnight campers need to wear the wristbands.       (they will come with your pass once your entry form has been lodged) This is important to show at the Pay Gate. Out of hours, (5pm to 8.30am)  wristband will not be needed, please use Gate 2. 

In big marquee by the main ring, will include food and a bar through out the weekend. Music in the Bar Saturday & Sunday evening.

Loos are available in the camping and rally field; also 5 Elson emptying tanks will also be available.

We are open from Friday 22nd 9 o/c for setting up and from 7 0/c  Sat23rd/ Sun24th/Monday25th being rally days.

Marshall’s are invited to come in Thursday to sort out their area.

IV pushed out 349 entry forms this was done first week of January 2020, to those on our lists.

If by end of Jan you haven’t received your entry form contact us and I will send out form’s to you.  

Margaret is posting the stalls/ trade/boot forms out as fast as she can. (Closing date 20 April 2020).

 We now have a WEB PAGE, It is at; www.lechladecollectorsclub.co.uk.

You will find pages of info and entry forms also a gallery of 2019’s rally pictures.

These rally pictures are also on face book, new batch every 4 weeks.

 Photo copy the forms on, give to any other’s who would like to exhibit.

 Closing date for entry forms is 20 April 2020. Last minute instructions and passes will be posted last week of April 2020. If unable to photocopy, I will send out forms to you or others who tell me their address. or use phone (leave message please).  Or Application forms from me.


Use this to post your application forms, for Entries / Stalls /Camping and Boots.

They must be sent hard copy, and signed.

Your entry and of others keep rally’s going. No entry no rally for the public to enjoy.

I will be up dating my Chairman’s chat page as we progress during the year.

Any messages to us via email please;  info@lechladecollectorsclub.co.uk, Our phone number is 01993 843221, (leave message), Margaret will be dealing with those.

The insurance requires an entry form for each Exhibit. Small scale table top collections and Awning displays are considered as one entry.

(If you want Insurance for £5,000,000. Thru the N.F.U. Then I can help you; join, for £8-50, Payable to Lechlade Collectors Club, or LCC


Ray Chairman.

Ray Chairman


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