April 2019

April 2019

Up date April 2019

So we look forward to 2019 season, our 5th Annual Rally, now at Patrick Edwards auction field it’s the big field (with the vintage tractor) cornering on to A4095, and Langley Lane, Clanfield, OX18 2RZ. Now a 12 acre field (4 hectares). This site is next to the main road so no problem with entry and exit. The field next along will be the public parking and free camping field.

Yes this will be a big move to this new ground, the rally will be over 3 days, 25th, 26th & 27th May 2019, (27th May is a bank holiday) with Friday being the usual set up day, this date is now one week forward so we won’t clash with the Vintage weekend at the Trout Inn.

We have a mini ring:-

Sat 25th May:- Fun Dog Show with the Blue Cross from Burford, Britannia Majorettes and The Great Wester Youth Band
Sun 26th May :- Morris Dancing & Line Dancing
Mon 27th May :- Fun Dog Show SN Dogs (Save needy dogs) from Swindon

It’s been a long time coming, we now have space for a main ring for the mobile exhibits to parade in their various sections with the services of a commentator and PA.

Another first for us on Saturday 25h May evening, a Social gathering with Websters Bar and Dave Davis Music, from around 7.00pm, this will take place in a marquee next to main ring with tables & chairs, also a central point for shade and cover during the Rally.

Thursday is allocated for Marshal’s and others requesting to come in early.

This year there will be a lot of jobs to do, fencing the whole field. (Ditch and barbed wire to protect.) Lots of line marking to do. Any body passing by on Wednesday and Thursday are most welcome to come and join in, same timings (5.00pm Wednesday 22nd May) for the usual members who help put up the MQ’s.

This year there will be an extra Marquee to erect, also orange fencing and rope (2 fences) around the main ring.

We are looking for Traders and Stalls there is still plenty of space available.

All request’s to: info@lechladecollectorsclub.co.uk (see website for forms).
By phone: 01993 843221. (please leave message) or PO BOX 278, Carterton, OXON, OX18 9DL

One final note;
I have made a decision on the Rally name.
It is to remain; Lechlade Rally. (At Clanfield if you so wish).
As we are Lechlade Collectors Club and Lechlade location is known more than Clanfield.

See you all in May.

Ray, Chairman,
Lechlade Collectors Club


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